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Author:  colinM [ Sun Apr 20, 2014 7:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Documentation suggestion

An excellent and effective plugin. :) Because I thought your plugin was very neat and useful, I wrote an article for my users which I have attached as a pdf to see if it would also be useful to yourselves. EDIT I could not attach it as you do not allow pdfs. :( How should I send this pdf? It has several examples.

Just a couple of thoughts.

Firstly I think using ACBR as the default column break is not very helpful, especially to new users. It is not easy to spot in long text steams. So I suggest something like //// which is very readily seen, and easier to type. Obviously you need to support ACBR as a default but supporting both is not difficult.

The second item is a bit picky. Using brake_code gives the wrong message to an English speaker. It should be break_code. Brake means braking as in slowing down a car, break means splitting into parts. Again not difficult to support both spellings.

Your code carefully allows either AC or ac but it might be simpler if all the 'parameters' went through strtoupper or strtolower before being compared as that gives even more flexibility.

Another tiny point AC_SPACING_LABEL="Columns Spacing" would be better as AC_SPACING_LABEL="Column Spacing"

Also PLG_CONTENT_ADMIRORCOLUMNIZER_XML_DESCRIPTION reads better in English as the following.
PLG_CONTENT_ADMIRORCOLUMNIZER_XML_DESCRIPTION="<img src='../media/plg_admirorcolumnizer/media/logo.jpg' /><br />Put text content you want to be in columns inside the trigger code, for example: <b>{AC}<i>Your Content</i>{/AC}</b>.<p>&nbsp;</p>Place ACBR inside your text wherre you want to break the text into the next column.<p>&nbsp;</p>Find out more about Admiror Columnizer usage at <a target='_blank' href=''>Admiror Columnizer Manual webpage</a>.<br/>Support for Admiror Columnizer is available at: <a target='_blank' href=''>Admiror Joomla! Community</a>. <p>&nbsp;</p><a target='_blank' style='background-image:url(../media/plg_admirorcolumnizer/media/support-projects.jpg); text-decoration: none; display:block; width:250px; height:120px;' href=''> </a><p>&nbsp;</p>This plugin uses the great javascript library Hyphenation.js. For more information about this library visit <a href='' target='_blank' >Hyphenation.js</a> webpage.<p>&nbsp;</p>"

I hope these suggestions are helpful, as your code is helping me!


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