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When gallery opens incorrect number of items shown
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Author:  congo181 [ Mon Jan 21, 2013 8:55 pm ]
Post subject:  When gallery opens incorrect number of items shown

First of all, thanks for the great plugin. Works just how I wanted to.

A couple of things that I couldn't work out if you could help.

I've loaded a few galleries on page but when I click on the sea sunday (first gallery on the page) it comes up with 1 of 9 despite there only being 2 photos.

With the second one (Flower Festival) it show 1 of 3 which is correct as there are 3 photos.

The third one (Marathon) when I open the first image it says it's image 3 of 9!!! But there are only 4 photos.

And lastly the papal visit shows there are 9 images when there are actually only 3 in the root folder.

How can I stop this as it's quite annoying that it shows the incorrect amount of images in the folder. Many help with this issue.

More of a query, is it possible to create a custom thumbnail for certian images. Most of the thumbnails look great, just wondering if it's possible to create a custom one if the original thumnail needs to be changed.

Many thanks for your help

Author:  Vasiljevski [ Thu Jan 31, 2013 2:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: When gallery opens incorrect number of items shown

Thanks :)

First problem, I'm aware of and this is a bug. You probably use Blog Layout to display intro text of the news article, in this case on page rendering there is no info of articleID that is needed used as a suffix to gallery ID.
In development I just set $articleID = 0 and this was included in the release. As soon as I find a good solution for this I will publish an update.

In theory yes, but it is not available from Admiror Gallery. You would need to add it, or change it, manually in plugins/content/admirorgallery/thumbs, important thing would be to keep the exact dimensions, so the plugin would not rewrite them.

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