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Google’s 13th birthday!

Search giant Googlehas entered teens today, the tech behemoth has turned 13. Officially a teenager, Google celebrates its birthday with a doodle that shows the five letters of the company logo wearing party hats placed around a cake with balloons and gifts around. A click on the doodle takes visitors to a search result page […]

Google Translate new look

Google Translate is a great online translation tool, that in time becomes better and better. Using Google Translate you can translate a text even if you don’t know in which language it is written. It automatically detects a language and translates it into selected language.

Auto Backup feature, Android 6.0

Recently I found out that Android 6.0, Marshmallow, introduced Auto Backup system for application data. It runs in the background, and from time to time backs up application data to your Google account. It is important to mention that these data doesn’t count as storage space, so no need to worry about that. Auto Backup […]

Android, OS of the future?

Google bought Android from Android Inc. in 2005, and that was the begging  of Android history. Today Android OS is the best-selling mobile platform, dethroning Nokia’s Symbina from top position.