Remove file extension from filename in PHP

I found great function to remove file extension from filename in PHP.  Anton Zamov created this function and I’m just reporting it to show my appreciation.


function RemoveExtension($strName) {    $ext strrchr($strName, '.');    if($ext !== false) {       $strName substr($strName, 0, -strlen($ext));    }    return $strName; }


$filename = "myfile.jpeg"; echo RemoveExtension($filename);



Short, easy and understandable. If someone has a better solution let me know.

4 thoughts on “Remove file extension from filename in PHP

  1. You can use the inbuilt pathinfo function to access the filename without extension

    $filename= ‘woof.jpg’;
    echo $filename;

    // outputs woof

  2. $filename= ‘woof.jpg’;
    echo $filename;

    // outputs woof

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