What is the point of Klout?


I created my Klout profile almost 2 years ago. At first it was cool, as soon as I register my Klout score was 10, by default. Even throw I didn’t know what exactly does it represents, I wanted to

make it better. I invited my friends to join, few of them accepted, but they were the ones I least expected to do so. Probably they though if the invitation is sent from me it has to be good, because I’m 100% sure that they have even less clue on what is the point of Klount then me. So I started to wonder that was the think that drawn  me to Klout  and more importantly what keep me with it for two years now.

Something drawn me to Klout , and to the day I can’t put my finder on what that was. Maybe it was the fact that it uses some kind of a secret and sophisticated algorithm to determine my social presence , or maybe I just like to get a good score for myself no matter what that score actually presents. Whatever it was, it made me check my Klout score almost once every day. Silly isn’t it 🙂

So I started googling to find some more info on what is the point of Klout and Klout score, what does it mean, can it be used for some kind of analysis or a research.

First link I found was a text from : http://readwrite.com/2012/05/28/what-is-the-point-of-klout funny but the title is the same as my question. It does give some nice pointers on Klout and how it influences you and you web presence. But I also found some people that are no so fond of Klout.

In general, Klout can be useful but it can also be misleading. People can get credit for being experts in some area, but you can also get credits for being funny or sarcastic also and you cannot differentiate the two without some research. And that leads you to the point that you wanted to skip at first step.

All in all, I’m staying with Klout for the time being, I have a strong 47 score, check it out: http://klout.com/vasiljevski that is largely generated by Facebook and constant profile image changes done by my wife. As I said Klout score can mean something and also it can be totally meaningless.

Comment if you have any info about Klout and Klout score, I would appreciate it 🙂

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