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How to install Genymotion on Ubuntu

genymotion-ubuntuGenymotion is a great tool for testing Android applications. It overcomes Android SDK emulator in every way.

Here are a few steps needed for setting up genymotion on Ubuntu 14.04.


Make sure you have VirtualBox installed on your system. If not you can get it by running:

sudo apt-get install virtualbox


Go to the directory where you downloaded genymotion-[version]_[platform].bin. Add executable permission:

chmod +x genymotion-2.5.2_x64.bin

And execute it:


By default it will try to install genymotion in the current location. You will be asked to confirm the location genymotion will be installed:

Installing to folder [/home/[user]/Downloads/genymotion]. Are you sure [y/n] ?

If you want to install it to a different location you can specify a location by adding –destination [path] | -d [path] :

./genymotion-2.5.2_x64.bin -d [path]

Don’t add genymotion in the path, it will be added by by default.

That is all! Now you start using genymotion by calling:



To uninstall all the genymotion use the same command as install just add –uninstall | -u

./genymotion-2.5.2_x64.bin -d [path] -u

You could just delete the genymotion folder, but uninstall removes temporary cache files and Genymotion logs.

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