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Google TranslateGoogle Translate is a great online translation tool, that in time becomes better and better. Using Google Translate you can translate a text even if you don’t know in which language it is written. It automatically detects a language and translates it into selected language.Great new improvement to Google Translate is the way you can select the language. They removed usual and very inconvenient combo-box, into a drop down menu from which you can see all the available languages and select the one you wish. Also in the top of the drop down menu you have a history of resent actions(translations) you performed.

We all know that 100% correct automatic translation is impossible, for now, but Google Translate, with each day, becomes closer to that goal.

Although Google Translate has all this great features, and can translate word, text and the whole websites, you should keep in mind that you can use it only as a helping tool when you translate something. It can give you an idea of what the sentence is about and help you translate it. I didn’t test all the languages, because I don’t know them all and I couldn’t give the real review. But for mu native language, Serbian, it does a pretty good job.

Google Translate team, good job and keep it up, this is the best online translation tool I have seen so far.

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